Destiny seating was established by the current CEO, Rudi Patoir, in 1996. Our Company has established itself as a leading supplier and manufacturer of seats to the entertainment and corporate end user markets, and currently 75% of our production of around 250 seats per day, is destined to our European, Middle East and African export cinema markets. Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and are comparable, if not better than our global competitors.


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Commercial cinema seats

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Home cinema seats

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Corporate auditorium seats

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Opera theatre seating

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Home theatre turnkey solutions available

Innovation in high performance 3D projection

With WUXGA resolution and Dual Input 3D offering up to 120Hz native performance, the Christie Mirage WU12K-M is a truly innovative high performance 3D projector.

LA Series loudspeakers

Advanced loudspeakers that are the ideal platform for today’s immersive cinema audio applications. Comprising line array, surround and ceiling surround loudspeakers, the LA Series can be configured to support all DCI-specified distributed and immersive audio formats. Certain models can also be combined with our S115 or S215 subwoofers to create full-range screen channel systems or corner surrounds.

LS Series loudspeakers

Cost-effective cinema line source loudspeakers that provide accurate reproduction of high dynamic range and high resolution DCI-specified audio for small-to-medium sized theatres. Utilizing advanced planar ribbon driver technology, the LS Series includes four-way screen channel systems with dual planar ribbon tweeters and two-way surround channel loudspeakers.

S Series subwoofers

Cinema subwoofers featuring heavily cross-braced, ported and tuned enclosures for low distortion, low power compression and minimal turbulence. S Series subwoofers deliver powerful and deep bass at extremely high output levels.

CDA Series amplifiers

Cinema amplifiers utilizing advanced Class D architecture with high current capability and ultra-fast transient response. CDA Series amplifiers are the perfect match for our ribbon driver-based LA and LS Series loudspeakers and S Series subwoofers with Extended Base Shelf (EBS) tuning.

Architectural cinema design

Destiny Seating in Partnership with our dedicated Cinema architects, Migg Enterprises, are able to offer full turnkey architectural cinema design elements for new builds and cinema refurbishments.
  1. Al Mirqab Mall Cinema
  2. Doha Mall Cinema
  3. Lagoona Cinemas